INOW Instructions

Welcome to the INOW Parent Portal Main Page. You may go directly to the
INOW Parent Portal or continue reading for information to help you navigate the Parent Portal and access your child's progress.

Please be sure that you have the login information and the instructions from your child's school (PIN slip) before beginning this process.
INOW Parent Portal Request
Following the initial login with "blount" and "parent" you will enter your child's username and password from the PIN slip provided by the school. At that point you will be prompted to change the password using the instructions that the "new" password must be 8 characters and at least one of the characters must be a number. You must not use password, pass, word, administrator or admin as part of your password setup.

It is very important that you follow these directions exactly and that you write down the password that you generate.

At the login screen, enter the following username and password:
Server Username: blount
Server Password: parent

After you type the "parent" password, you will see another login screen. On this screen type your child's username and password exactly as it appears on the PIN slip received from your child's school. Using the instructions above, type in the old password from the PIN slip and create the new password…the 8 digit password must contain at least one number and retype to confirm.

Write your new password down on the document received from your school. Your child's username will not change. You have the new password that will be used in connection with the username to access Parent Portal to monitor your child's progress.

INOW Parent Portal